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Questioning Myself as a Parent

I am currently feeling like I failed as a parent. My son was supposed to graduate this June. However, due to the rough time he has had this school year, he is not going to graduate. I received a letter from his guidance counselor yesterday stating ” June graduation is impossible.” He failed english and science this year. Plus he is short 1 additional class credit. By attending summer school he can take two classes, english and science. However, he also needs the third class to have enough credits to graduate. The summer school day only allows for two classes. I thought it would be helpful to write about how I’m feeling. I really feel as though I failed as a mother. I realize realistically that is not the case, however the guilt is eating at me. I am a single mom, and I did the best I could with what I had to raise him. He is not even showing any emotion, like he doesn’t care. Maybe he is just numb, I don’t know. I am also nervous because he will be 18 in August, and I will no longer receive child support. I am having a difficult time now financially, I need him to become more financially independent. However, he has no motivation to get a job. Does anyone have any tips on dealing with a teenager in this situation? I would like to know I’m not alone. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.